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We’ve been lucky to have a lot of excited and happy customers upon receiving their tapes from us. None more so than a customer who also worked at Gear Patrol – he loved them so much he decided to feature an article on our products! That’s community spirit!

When it comes to handlebar tape for your road bike, there aren’t really too many options out there. If you have a high-performance road bike, you get Fi’zi:k bar tape. If your steel road bike is worthy of riding L’Eroica California, Brooks is your play. And if you ride a hot pink Pinarello Dogma, then you get hot pink Supacaz tape to match. But what if you want to express yourself less than Supacaz but more than Fi’zi:k? Enter Burgh Cycling.

“This small Tasmanian brand is making some of our favourite bar tapes.” – Gear Patrol

Check it out below or view the article here.