Believe it or not – but we recently were contacted by FINGERSCROSSED for an interview. Turns out they loved what we were doing and that was pretty darn cool. For such a gigantic, global enterprise with ridiculously cool products to contact a little old garage setup in Tasmania is awesome.

FINGERSCROSSED socks do not compromise in design and performance as we do not compromise in working with the best partners and cycling enthusiasts around the planet.

We are cycling nerds. We absorb everything related with cycling. Things which inspire us to achieve our goals. Things which make us faster or feel and look better on the bike. With our recommendations we want to feature passionate people who produce good products with either great technical focus, awesome design and/or performance-enhancing detail.

“Our product must serve a purpose, our purpose being a mixture of style and obviously feel/function. Style is a lot easier to achieve vs. functionality/feel.” 

Burgh is a very young and fresh startup from Tasmania. It is owned by 22-year old, recently graduated design student Thomas who does Burgh purely out of passion in the late nights after his day job.

View the interview below or on the FINGERSCROSSED website directly here.