Roxsalt Attaquer Team Photo



Founded in 2013 as a mixed team during the Australian summer of cycling, Roxsolt Attaquer has grown to racing year round, across the world. In a sport full of traditions, Roxsolt Attaquer has picked its own line with the team being run as a collective and shows that it is possible to balance the life of cycling with work, study and family.

6 male cyclists on a podium spraying champagne over the grass, tents and orange banners in background

Gravier CC

Adelaide, South Australia

South Australian based multi-disciplinary cycling team that races all over the country. Members compete in NRS, State & National Championships, local criteriums, downhill races – just to name a few. Gravier is more than a cycling team, they’re for friendships, experiences, primo Instagram content and adventures. What more could you ask for?

Man in background wearing a purple top with white and black graphics, riding bicycle in forest, with purple overlay with Kern Flanders logo ontop



Headed by creative force Gregory Thorne, the Kern Racing is based out of Melbourne. Sporting arguably the best cycling kit, gear and custom painted FLANDERS bikes, these guys really know how to race fast whilst at the same time, look sharp. Racing mostly in the cyclocross format, we look forward to seeing what these guys can produce in 2019!

BG Cycling Team & Logo

BG Cycling


BG Cycling Team is a highly professional female racing team who dominate races around Thailand and South-East Asia.  Promoting themselves as ideal role models for younger women in the community. They aim to create a strong balance between healthy eating, exercise, lifestyle and performance.

Vermarc Australia Logo



Vermarc Arbitage Masters consists of a group of great mates who whilst may be a little busier (and may have aged a little since the good old days). Racing throughout the local calendar, the guys still know how to go FULLGAS.

2 male cyclist on black tandem bike in red and white clothing, Blackchrome logo overlayed ontop


Adelaide, South Australia

A road cycling development program for vision impaired paracyclists in S.A. The program produces road competent tandem riders through specialist training and skills sessions – with the program being also focusing on awareness, inclusion and encouragement of vision impaired cyclists to the greater cycling community. The tandem teams then develop and compete at State and National level.

male cyclists chest wearing a navy top with blue, yellow and white pattern with logos for companies Burgh, Lumiere and Centino


Adelaide, South Australia

When a group of highly creative architects, photographers, NRS riders, economists and barista’s join forces – you get Centino CC. The gang enjoys social rides, commutes, races, 2km rides to the cafe and then home again. Their motto is “Look fit, but we’re pretty shit” – a fine thing to live by in the cycling world –  and that’s something worth celebrating, not taking yourself too seriously.

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