Meet our furry new friend: Bridie

Bridie is the newest member of the Burgh Cycling family. Our new little Tassie Devil friend is part of a conservation and breeding program to help save the Tasmanian Devil. The devils are facing an enourmous threat from Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), a contagious cancer that has decresed wild populations by between 85-90% throughout Tasmania. This insurance population is made up of facilities nationally across Australia.

The sanctuary where Bridie lives, is a key facility for the Tasmanian Devil, where they house approximately 40 devils on site and we are involved in various elements of the program including breeding, national and international exports, release and re-introduction, field monitoring of wild populations and orphan rehabilitation.

Thanks to your generous support of our Hungry Devil socks, we’ve been able to donate $1000 towards the program by sponsoring young Bridie, and $700 to the Save the Tassie Devil Appeal – a University run vaccination development and conservation project.

Bridie is currently around 6 months old and you are able to visit her at Devils @ Cradle, the Tasmanian Devil Park at the World Heritage site Cradle Mountain.