There's nothing better than getting heart-warming feedback from our cycling community.

Nicholas R – Australia – ★★★★★

2nd April 2024

Thankyou Burgh! Best bar tape in the world!

Twain F – Australia – ★★★★★

30th October 2023

Great work on the bar tape folks. Super easy to install with no coiling if pressure taken off and love the stealthy yet designer look.

Brad W – Melbourne, Australia – ★★★★★

15th August 2023

I bought the new Burgh Bar Tape as an upgrade to my Cinelli Mash before the Melbourne Roubaix – perfect choice. Bonus support the local Tasmanian creators.

Just Pedal – St Kilda, Australia  – ★★★★★

7th August 2023

The Rolls Royce of bar tapes!

David Seibel – Georgia, United States  – ★★★★★

25th July 2023

Burgh Cycling has the coolest bar tape in the world!

Hannah Louise – Australia  – ★★★★★

17th July 2023

Seriously the best bar tape!

Tony Scriven – Brisbane, Australia – ★★★★★

7th July 2023

Best tape on the market

Yu Yumita – Osaka, Japan – ★★★★★

5th July 2023

I’m using your bar tapes for my gravel bike – beautiful cushioning!

Chris Mang – Pasadena, California – ★★★★★

5th July 2023

Love your bar tapes!

Nat – Perth, Australia – ★★★★★

6th June 2023

I love your bar tape! Quality meets design excellence!

Ovi – Montreal, Quebec – ★★★★★

5th June 2023

Girls and guys at the Burgh team, I fell in love with this tape.
I tried a few before, and going for the Burgh I was like, well this looks amazing… But I hope it feels as good. AND IT IS SOOOOOO NICE AND CUSHY! Tapioca pearls kinda smooth!

Sid – Hobart, Australia – ★★★★★

25th May 2023

Super comfortable, thanks for making such a great bar tape.

@hellohiro._ – Sydney, Australia – ★★★★★

9th March 2023

Best bar tape in the biz!

Jason – Singapore – ★★★★★

16th February 2023

I can’t go back anymore. The bar tape is so good!

Rusty’s Bike Shop – Hampshire, England – ★★★★★

20th December 2022

Love the simplicity and especially the feel of this bar tape!

Mumonti – London, UK – ★★★★★

8th December 2022

Hands down our favourite bar tape, proud aussie expat currently in the UK

Mat Forget – Montreal, Canada – ★★★★★

14th November 2022

Bar Tape GOAT!!!

Cam Uecker – Melbourne, AUS – ★★★★★

13th October 2022

I’ve always wanted to get some of your tape! Now I can’t go back to any others… Keep up the great work!

Tony Scriven – Brisbane, QLD – ★★★★★

4th October 2022

Best bar tape ever!

Zack Wilson – Brisbane, QLD – ★★★★★

30th September 2022

I’ve had countless different bar tapes, but this is truely the best bar tape I’ve ever had. It’s so damn soft but immensely grippy & feels rather velvety!

Alisa Lau – Brunei – ★★★★★

6th September 2022

I purchased my first box of bartape from you guys back in May. So far, it’s been on my bars in an ITT, a road race, training in the mountains and soon in a criterium. It’s been out in the sun and rain for hours on end, and it still feels perfect. I love how grippy it is even in wet conditions, and I’ll be sad to one day take it off my bars when it can’t be used anymore. I’ll be back for more bartape (and maybe some other stuff) soon! Australian brands are just different, you know? Just wanted to say thank you guys for making such great stuff, real happy to use it. You guys are amazing! Cheers 🙂

Sarah – Perth, Western Australia – ★★★★★

3rd September 2022

Best bar tape hands down!

Phillip Preinhard – Belgium – ★★★★★

30th August 2022

I am really impressed with your bar tape. I ride a lot of gravel and it has withstood more punishment than previous tapes that were touted to be “good”. Keep up the good work!

Phil. C – Tsawwassen, Canada – ★★★★★

1st August 2022

My best bar tape wrap yet, after using other brands I think Burgh tape is so easy to work with.

Marc Mutch – Brisbane, QLD – ★★★★★

3rd July 2022

Hands down the best bar tape I’ve ever ridden.

Kishane Taylor – USA – ★★★★★

1st July 2022

I love your designer grips! So chic! Can’t get over the extra comfort!

Erik T. – Montreal, Canada – ★★★★★

21st June 2022

Amazingly grippy even when it’s wet and dirty!

Kirstan – Capalaba, QLD – ★★★★★

14th June 2022

Your bar tape is literally the BEST I’ve ever experienced and will never use anything else ever again! My local bike shop was also so impressed, they now stock it. WOOHOO!

Ryan – London, UK – ★★★★★

8th June 2022

Just fitted some of your bar tape – I’ve always been a Lizard Skins man but your tape is a delight to work with – which is rare to find. It’s really light for the cushioning it provides and feels great. Amazing!

Harry Shaud, Melbourne AUS – ★★★★★

29th May 2022

Super nice tape guys, best I’ve ever wrapped with!