There's nothing better than getting heart-warming feedback from our cycling community.

Erik T. – Montreal, Canada

21st June 2022

Amazingly grippy even when it’s wet and dirty!

Kirstan – Capalaba, QLD

14th June 2022

Your bar tape is literally the BEST I’ve ever experienced and will never use anything else ever again! My local bike shop was also so impressed, they now stock it. WOOHOO!

Ryan – London, UK

8th June 2022

Just fitted some of your bar tape – I’ve always been a Lizard Skins man but your tape is a delight to work with – which is rare to find. It’s really light for the cushioning it provides and feels great. Amazing!

Harry Shaud, Melbourne AUS

29th May 2022

Super nice tape guys, best I’ve ever wrapped with!

Hayden – Cooee, Tasmania

28th May 2022

I would just like to say that I’m truly impressed and amazed with the quality of this bar tape. I’ve been riding the same set of Burgh tape for 2 years, and yes it’s showing signs of wear and tea at the hoods. But considering the huge amount of use over 2 years, this is super impressive. Super job guys!

Izzam Ahamed – Vancouver, Canada

21st May 2022

Thanks to the comfort these tapes provide, I never need padded gloves!

Phil – Richmond, Canada

17th May 2022

I love Burgh’s bar tapes, beautiful designed patterns that makes your bike stand out from the crowd. Its comfortable, just the right thickness and grippy!  Excited to see what patterns will be coming out in the future.

Alberto Viciana – Netherlands

14th May 2022

I am super happy with the tape, honestly. It was great to test it our recently in an ultra race with a lot of kilometres.

Mustafa – Dallas, Texas

22nd April 2022

Went with the Pixel White bar tape, and it’s easily the best looking, most comfortable bar tape I’ve tried. I get a lot of compliments wherever I go, and really makes me fall deeper in love with my Cannondale. Well done Burgh!

James Gerken – USA

30th March 2022

Your tape is some quality kit, but more importantly it fills a gap design wise. Everything else I see that has a cool pattern is usually brightly colored or flashy. I love the understated, ‘more than meets the eye’ look to the stealth tapes.

Mark Higgins – Victoria, Australia

10th March 2022

I have the Bokeh tape on my gravel bike and it’s been brilliant!

Sander Graumans – Antwerp, Belgium

24th February 2022

After about 2,500km on Flemish roads (dusty, muddy, wet), I can only say it’s a top quality product. Looks great, easy to apply and I get constant feedback from people in my bunch who want to know what brand it is.

Alistair L. – Davidson, NSW

14th February 2022

This tape is excellent. Nice feel and great cushion without feeling bulky. Classy.

Spin Doctor – Montreal, Canada

27th January 2022

Awesome products, you’ve found the perfect the balance of grip, comfort AND design.

Jacob Nielsen – Copenhagen, Denmark

6th September 2021

Bought some of your bar tape half a year ago, and it’s absolutely the best I’ve ever used.

Brett Watson – USA

21st February 2020

Just wanted to say thanks for the hand written note along with the Bokeh tape. It looks ridiculous on the Moots Ti and blows the Supacaz away comfort wise. Most comfortable tape I’ve ever used. Let me know if I can do anything else to help push the brand forward here in the states. Heaps of other riders here in the Carolina Mountains I’ll be spreading the word to. Already a brand loyalist after 1 ride.