Tasmania – A Poem About a Wild and Rugged Land

In Tasmania’s wild and rugged land,
Where nature reigns with mighty hand,
The wilderness lies, untamed and free,
A place of beauty for all to see.

From mountains high to deep green valleys,
The landscape here is truly otherworldly,
With rivers wild and ancient forests,
And creatures rare, so rare, it’s flawless.

The air is pure, the silence deep,
The only sounds the wind and creek,
And as the stars appear at night,
The world is transformed by a magic light.

The rugged cliffs and rolling hills,
The sea that crashes and foams and spills,
All these sights make Tasmania’s wilderness,
A place that fills the soul with pure happiness.

So if you seek a place of peace,
A place to let your worries cease,
Come to Tasmania’s wilderness,
And let your heart be set at ease.

Written by G.P.T.Chatterton.