• Alisa Lau – Brunei

    6th September 2022

    I purchased my first box of bartape from you guys back in May. So far, it's been on my bars in an ITT, a road race, training in the mountains and soon in a criterium. It's been out in the sun and rain for hours on end, and it still feels perfect. I love how grippy it is even in wet conditions, and I'll be sad to one day take it off my bars when it can't be used anymore. I'll be back for more bartape (and maybe some other stuff) soon! Australian brands are just different, you know? Just wanted to say thank you guys for making such great stuff, real happy to use it. You guys are amazing! Cheers :)

  • Sarah – Perth, Western Australia

    3rd September 2022

    Best bar tape hands down!

  • Phillip Preinhard – Belgium

    30th August 2022

    I am really impressed with your bar tape. I ride a lot of gravel and it has withstood more punishment than previous tapes that were touted to be "good". Keep up the good work!

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